Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good Day Spoiled

All week the weather reports have been advertising a beautiful weekend. Lower 80 degree temps, clear skies and finally the promise that summer has arrived. So, I decided to take a bike trip. I thought about various destinations. Last weekend I took the bike to Willie in Murphysboro to swap out a plastic oil pump gear for a steel one. My bike used plastic and there have been failures that can ruin an engine. Finally some mental stress-free riding. Possibly South to Nauvoo or East to Hennepin. Instead I decided to go to Oquawka-Keithsburg-New Boston-Aledo. I could get a couple catfish at the fish market, have a beer and lunch at Blackies, take a picture of a barge, see Mark in Aledo and then home.

I've had quite a few espenses with the bike this spring:

New tires $400

Towing $80

Steel Oil Gear $248

Gas to go to Murphysboro $120

Pay Willie for the swap $100

So finally good weather, and time, to head out for a day trip.

Well, I got as far as Farm King in Monmouth when the engine started making noise and the oil and water lights started flashing. Crap, double crap.

Well, I had to have it towed, and it is now at a shop in Kirkwood. Marvin came to pick me up and take me home. Another favor from Marvin who seems to spend much time bailing me out of fixes.

Here is a picture of Ron towing the bike to S & K Morotcycle Shop in Kirkwood. Can't think of much good today except I have been invited to Burgess by Marvin to have a beer or six and maybe a cookout. Best drown this day in suds.

Friday, May 30, 2008

BFE Rapid Transit

Seems everyone here has riding mowers, regardless of the size of yard one has. So it seems only fitting that I find me one these as soon as possible so I can get in the parade. Really, people don't walk to the post office or down the street to see a buddy, they hop on their machines and travel slowwwww. Might have a lead on one, then the real fun begins. We can get it pimped with perhaps a glass pack, jacked up in a menacingly fashion, perhaps tweak the engine a bit by one of the local gearheads, and maybe a mag wheel look would be nice. I'll let you know what I find.

OK, Now About BFE

BFE is North Henderson, a village about 14 miles north of Galesburg. It has a volunteer fire department, a second-hand shop and a post office. It is a classic "bedroom community" for those working in the Quad Cities and even Peoria. The guy living around the corner to me commutes to Caterpillar in Peoria and drives 70 miles one way. There is a ball diamond down the road a bit and I hear they have games all summer long most nights. Might be nice to walk over and catch some games.

Ten reasons I like BFE:

1. No Trains!!

2. No Trains!!

3. The only gang graffiti around here is the sign hawking the pancake breakfast by the local Lions Club.

4. The only time you have to wait in traffic is when church gets out on Sunday and then its maybe three cars.

5. There are no lines at the Post Office.

6. I'd forgotton how full the night sky is and theres something moving and blinking all the time.

7. Its so freaking quiet.

8. The only roving pack of gangsta thugs around here appear to be Jason and Jerrod packing ipods.

9. 3 out of my 4 closest neighbors all ride cycles.

10. We have Neighborhood Watch without the petition and classes.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where My Favorite Women Are

Daughter Mackenzie is in St. Petersburg Florida with significant other Drew. They left Galesburg in January and both are working hard and trying to get settled. Kenze works as an assistant manager at a local Mall, New York Store, and is signing up for further classes at the College.

Drew is a personal trainer and spends lots of time trying to get people to look as good as me.

Nancy left to live in Florida a couple of months later, after we got the house sold, and me settled in snuggly in BFE.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome To BFE - May 28, '08

Well, isn't this awkward? While this may seem a bit pretentious to have a blog of my activities (my activities are rather bland), it serves as a place my family can see what is going on with me, and allows me to express in pictures and words my life in BFE*. That others in my circle can keep tabs on me is just gravy. Updates will be fairly regular and excuse me when I get off track on subjects. Remember, this is expression and therapy.

* For those unfamiliar with BFE, email me and we'll get you educated.