Saturday, August 15, 2009

Draft Bitch

Tomorrow is the first draft I will miss since we started some 8-9 years ago. We do the baseball and football thing and has been a highlight of mine; the minutes of homework bearing fruition, the camaraderie, the beer...its always fun. Tomorrow Stewart will be my draft bitch, and thanks. Stewart is a fellow biker, fantasy nut, blogger and joined us in our BFE Farewell Ride. Here is what I did during my drafts which may help you in drafting my team:

1. Do almost no homework - why clutter an uncluttered mind?
2. Drink and guzzle beer starting 6 hours prior to draft. This gives you an excuse for picking a lousy team.
3. Take your fantasy football magazine - cause you never know when some writer's ideas 4 months ago might come in handy.
4. Always pause an extra few seconds to announce your pick - others will think you are thoughtful, when actually you trying to force back that nasty burrito you ate with onions.
5. No matter how dumb you think your pick was, there is always someone else who is dumber.
6. Tell Focker he is a pussy for wearing his Phillies baseball jersey at a football draft
7. Ask Gullstrand if he is losing weight...his expression will be priceless.
8. Do not, I repeat, do not look at your team for at least a week - better to brace yourself for the crap job you did.

Thanks again Stewart.

1 comment:

  1. wWell, the news is in from the County of Keck, I drafted your team, saying, "what the heck."

    I followed yer thoughts,
    and followed my list,
    drank too much beer,
    then took a big _ _ _ _,

    And in the end
    I really must say
    I gave you such crap
    I'm in such dismay

    But hopefully then
    Your left in such arrears
    You'll draft your own team
    Come this time next year.