Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday - You Tube Hits Pt 4

This is the number one, with 2401 hits as of today.  We were at the beach and this guy just strolled along like he was heading to church.  Now, we win the Midwest tend to look askance at public nudity, Hell, some even look askance at private nudity, too.  But down here I guess anything goes.  Some can debate the appropriateness of this lack of modesty, but you have to hand to someone who slips on his cowbiy hat, thiongs and slippers and walks along a public beach liek it the most natural thing in the world.  I applaud the guy. Now go get some clothes on.


And some viewer comments:

  • I think there needs to be equality. Today we've got women showing their butts all over the place, no one (or I guess 99%) don't think anything of it, but a guy does it, he's a "pervert", or "gay", etc.
  • Great and cool guy!!!!
  • i live in va beach we see this kinda stuff all over the place they can fine you for saying dirty words but they dont say squat when people got their asses out on parade which does not bother me in the least
  • He looks gorgeous

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inane Inanities

1.  Went to the dentist a couple weeks ago ago and I heard right across the hallway a conversation that wet on between one of the dentists and an elderly couple.  She told him she had not been to see a dentist since 1974.  She was simply too scared, and so let it go.  And now, her teeth are in such poor condition her eating is being affected.  Her husband asked good questions, and of course told them not to inflict any pain on her during the examination.  When the dentist said she was looking at extensive work requiring a massive amount of time and money, you could sense him deflate, especially when she was told that most work would amount to $1000 per tooth.  They are in for a rough time, I'm afraid.  By the way, I got a tooth pulled and now Norah and I share the same amount of teeth.

2.  While standing in line at the post office I heard an interesting language being spoken right behind me and I asked them what it was.  She asked me what it sounded like to me, and I said, "Ma'am I barely recognize English down here."  Turned out it was a mix between Ukrainian and Russian.  It was somewhat lilting and pretty, but then just as fast turn harsh and guttural. Something I will never hear again.

3.  Sign spotted at a run-down Knights Inn when we went to Brendan's graduation from Boot Camp:  "No refunds after 15 minutes."

4.  New invention I'm going to make:  1 piece sagger pants,  so you homies don't have to walk down the street looking thuggish holding your pants/pecker, and won't have to worry about the police catching you when you lose your drawers.  I'm going to sew a pair of boxers into a pair of pants 3 sizes too big with the boxer ass-cheek material outside the jeans.  But a hidden belt will be in the boxers to insure you retain all the dignity people have come to expect from you.  True enough, in the paper a few weeks ago was mention of a would-be robber nabbed by the cops because he couldn't carry his loot and hold his pants up fast enough to elude them.

5.  October Is Anti-Bullying Month.  Fight it wherever you see it.  Yes, step in, stand up and matter.  Remember the soldier's words to his buddy in The Last Good Men, something like, " was our job to help those who couldn't help themselves."

6.  The last 3-4 weeks of the election will be fun spectator sport.  The desperation, the wild promises from the candidates and PAC's will be better than baseball.

7.  I miss the Fall and pretty soon I will miss Winter.  I wonder how I will feel when I move back?

8.  Recently discovered a great band with catchy tunes and a Southern rock feel to them. Go listen to some of their stuff and see what you think.  Neighbor Tim owing that you like the Kid and some Southern Rock, I will be sending a copy of their stuff to you soon.  Anyway they are called Needtobreathe.  They are from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina and have charted on mainstream rock charts for a couple albums now.  Give 'em a try.  Great stuff.

If these two selections don't get you humming this stuff, then check your pulse.

9.  Oh, my Kingdom for a cold beer and a nice warm fire in the back.  Add hot dogs and and it couldn't get much better.  Add S'mores and I'm in Heaven.

10.  I have given up looking for a new dog, I won't be rescued soon.  Too many obstacles to overcome.  I will simply have to settle for being loved by my two favorite hounds, Sarah and Lily Lu.

Lily Lu sleeping after what looks like a hectic time at Sutor Woods.

Lily Lu getting ready to ride.  No pictures of Sarah lately but will try to get some. 

11.  I swear if I have to see CNN and John King do his frantic mile-a-minute Magic Wall routine again, I'll...I'll.  OK, I'll just sit and take it.  Where else can I get moderately moderate news?

12.  Great weather today:  it was cloudy all day.  Didn't see a lick of blue.  What a relief.

13. Whatever happened to the AIDS epidemic?  Isn't it curious we never hear anything about it anymore?


Best wishes to Darryl Mitchell, the current Mrs. Blythe's brother, for a speedy and successful recovery from what can only be described as a real bitch of an ordeal for the next few weeks.  The above picture are the Mitchell siblings, from left, Patti, Nancy, Darryl, and Carolyn.


  Norah trying on her Halloween costumes.  This one, or this one:


Reminds me of St. Pete traffic during rush hours.

17.  Hmmm.  Proof Darwin was right?  Or not?  Michael unwittingly reminded me of a famous pose regarding evolution.  Poor Michael, contemplating a YoYo ball at the pumpkin festival in Sarasota which will be featured in an upcoming post.  

18.  Did you know that that today only 15% of all higher education students reside on campus in college?  Most now are enrolled in online classes and community colleges.  When I was in college I suppose 80% were living on campus attending classes in buildings.   I was amazed at that statistic.

And did you know that in a recent poll 80% of respondents said college wasn't worth it, a complete reversal when I was going?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Great Bike Trip of 2013

I hear tell there may be a bike ride up North in the Spring/Summer.  Preparation is everything.  Again, now everyone, repeat after me:  preparation is everything.  In preparing for this ride many facets must be dealt with in order to succeed.  There are clothing issues, route determination, places to avoid, and physical training to endure a long trip.

In 2004 I took 4 trips in the summer, two of which were major distances, for a total of approximately 7,000 miles in the saddle.  It was a summer for the ages.  Hopefully I will be able to learn from those trips to properly steel myself for the Great Bike Trip of 2013.

First order of business is to check out the equipment.  I'll make sure the Yammie is ready to go by taking it to the shop shortly before take-off.  I'll work on my butt callouses and perhaps stock up on Monkey Butt to insure maximum comfort.  There will be no need for a tent this time, as I learned that there is not enough savings to justify roughing it.   I slept one night in a KOA in Deadwood that almost broke me from using a tent, and then Price, Utah a couple of nights later that utterly and irrevocably broke me of such romantic trysts with Mother Nature.  Deadwood frosted and I froze, and in Price all they had was gravelled sleeping areas.  Now I have learned to look for the Ma and Pa motels in small to medium sized towns.

After riding with Jeff's full face helmet back in August and not wanting to deprive this world of my beauty, I have decided to replace my old helmet with something new for the trip.

This is my old half-face AXF FX4 that just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.  I have been a one-helmet guy so she looks her age with many bumps and bruises over the years.  This is what I used for the 7000 miles in 2004 so I will certainly miss her. 

The black duct tape is something I devised somewhere heading into the sun to shield the glare.  Because the shield is adjustable this becomes a very effective sun visor when heading into the sun either in early morning or late evening.   I do remember stopping somewhere between Rapid City, SD and Albert Lea, Minnesota to get some tape to use, and a nice lady let me borrow some for free.  Not sure if that was the first time, but it's possible.  

The VROC-11999 is my Kawasaki Vulcan Riders Owners Club membership number.  Although I now have a Yamaha I continue to be a member of VROC.  

Tag that says this helmet was made in 2002 and has been a good and faithful companion on thousands of miles of road.

New helmets now have a sun visor built into the helmet that you can flip down which serves the purpose of my duct tape.  I am certain I want a flip-up or modular helmet to replace the old FX4.  A flip-up doesn't offer the protection of a full-face but it would certainly be an upgrade over what I have now.

The advancements since 2002 are remarkable.  You can get a helmet that actually has an optics devise that allows you to see behind you without looking in one of your mirrors (Reevu).  There is also a company that includes an LED light for added safety.  almost all of them have the built-in sun visor I mentioned earlier.  Almost all have Bluetooth capabilities, whatever that is.

The Reevu has a mirror system inside the helmet that allows you to see what is behind you.  I'd love to see what these are all about, but at a cost of $450 it is out of my cost range.  If I was young and prettier than I already am, then I would pay top dollar just to keep my swarthy good looks protected.  However, my beauty is fading, so there isn't as much need to pay a super exorbitant price for this mug.

Gmax helmets have a LED light. In this crazy place where people fly on the interstates and side roads with wild abandon (and wanton stupidity) I think some lighting for night riding would be a plus.

Helmets can cost anywhere between $80 clear up to $700.  Things that are important either as a safety factor or personal taste I'll be looking for the following as essential for my next one:

1. Internal sun visor
2. Metal chin latch
3. Double "D" chin lock
4. Above average sight lines
5. Lightweight
6. Modular, but I may be wavering on this one.

My first choice might be a Lazer Monaco which is hard to fond in the US.  It is highly safe, best sight lines, constructed well and has been the best reviewed helmet by webBikeWorld.     

Unfortunately the Lazer is probably out of my budget and you just can't find them.  Nolans get good reviews, as do Bell and many others.  There is no screaming hurry.  Fit is important as well and if it doesn't fit it'll just sit in the garage.  Until I find the right one, my trusty old lid will do just fine.  Some old things just don't want to be put out to pasture.  

More details of the Great Bike Trip of 2013 in coming weeks.  Keep August of 2014 open too, cause I hear tell there may be a trip to South Dakota.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need An Intervention

Now, before you read today's post, go to Existing in BFE for August 30st of last year.  I'll wait.

.Are you back already?  Did you cheat?  Don't you know I can go back to August 30th of last year and see the spike in my visitor section on Blogger?  If you did cheat, now go to the post last year and I'll wait again.  Jeez.


Alright, then.  Sorry to be a nag about it.  Ah, don't worry.  I went into an antique store close to downtown last year and spied this great looking lamp.   It was next to the cash register and I couldn't keep my eyes off it.  A cool looking retro something that was just off-kilter enough to catch my eye and compel me to want it in the worst way.  But how do I get past that lofty price?  No way I'm shelling out that much for this neatest of all lighted objects.  

So I waited and waited.  They wouldn't lower the price giving me the old "just saw one on line that went for twice this one blather" BS.   Oh sure, you must think I just rolled off the truck from some hick town in the Midwest.  Oh wait,  I did.  They wouldn't come down in their price so I kept looking on Ebay, and finally one showed up.  I bought it.  Then another, and another and another!!!  I need help.

Some come in blue glass, some in green.  All are just a bit unique and different from the other ones because they are hand-fashioned.  I should say, were had fashioned.  Made by a company called Joey Manic and called the Big Brother they were simply unique and awesome lamps. 

They had a car key for a on-off switch and when it was on a red light would come on in the base.  I saw it at an antique shop here in St. Pete for an astronomical price.  But I had to have one.   

So I checked on Ebay periodically to see if any would come on the market.  

They may or may not be an antique, or even collectible.  But you have to admit they are pretty cool looking.  The last one I got, the scuffed one cost me only $40.00 and I was going to use it for parts.  But these things aren't cars.  Nothing is really going to wear out, so I'm planning on restoring it a bit with new paint and clean it up some.  A real bargain.  For those who like these things.  I don't have any idea who makes it other than Joey manic which is stamped into the top metal plate.  Other than that, I have no idea how many were made or when they were produced.  All I know is I have four of them, and very likely any room I am in has 4 corners.  Perfect!

In the past year I have amassed four of these through Ebay.  Three are the blue style and one is the green.

Looking like a War of the Worlds invasion in the Lanai room, I may have the most Big Brother lamps of anyone in the world.

Each are different in their own way, which leads me to thing some aspects of these are handcrafted.  For instance, the curled tin areas under the block plastic areas are all different on each lamp.

They are surprisingly heavy lamps.  I think the base is molded plaster, then sprayed with a metallic paint.

They are sketchy items to pin down.  If you go to this website it says you can buy one for around $500.

However, they may or may not be in business.  I don't actually want one for that price, as Ebay supplied me with these for considerably less.  

Searching the Internet for info can be elusive as well.  Here is a post from a blog that hasn't been around for a year or more called FunFerde.  This blog features unique decorating ideas.

"You don't just switch on the Big Brother Lamp, you ignite it by turning a key (supplied). Of course that's not the only interesting design element of this thing. Just look at it. Someone clearly watched War of the Worlds before they sat down to build this. If you like your lamps with less sci-fi to them, the blue version is not quite as alien looking as the green. It's about two feet tall and weighs a gazillion pounds, so you don't have to worry about the ungainly (but beautiful!) head tipping it over. "

So, there you have it.  I'll keep looking for the lamps on Ebay, and if you have one in your attic give me call.  I'm hooked, I tell ya.  I need help.  Help.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mugshot Monday

No, son, you ain't gonna have a roommie.  You're gonna have 5.

I am High Priest Ramses the XX, and have been brutally detained by the St. Petersburg police force.  Let My People Go! 

Shouldn't be puttin' your...

... nose where it doesn't belong.

Listed name is Amber Bamber.

Stiff upper lip and all that rot...jolly good show, what?

Not all is fun and games on Mugshot Monday.  This young man jumped off the Skyway Bridge 2 days after this mugshot was taken.  His body was recovered 2 days later.  Behind the laughs and the captions, and the funny looking mugshots, let's remember that there is a tremendous amount of pain going on with these people.  It is, I think, a reason why I may have to give this feature up soon.  

Yes, Indeed.  God Only Knows

81 year old failed to tell the authorities that he was a sex offender when he moved.  Yes, Delbert, catch your breath, we do have communal showers here. 

I know I wouldn't want to piss her off.  Oh  Mama!

The latest in colors yet to be invented.

Mmm, that's right.  Now a little to the right, mmm. Yeah, you got it.