Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trip To The Pier

Before their falling prey to the dreaded Floridian Epizutic, Amy and Patti went to the iconic Pier here in St. Petersburg. It seems to be the place to take guests and tourists wanting to see the sights. Although this is a pretty cool place to sight see, it is also the center of commerciality. Everything is designed to take your money down, and this is where it all starts. The Pier is a shopping mall. Plain and simple. But for what it is, besides all that, as a place to look and see the Bay it is unsurpassed. This is where the HMS Bounty, had she not sunk in Hurricane Sandy, would have made her winter home.

The left side of the Pier from Vinoy Park.

The right side of the Pier from Demen's Landing.

The views of the Bay are exquisite.

Be prepared to walk, however, as it juts out into the Bay. 

An empty berth where the HMS Bounty should have been.

You can never escape the pelicans...

Especially when you start feeding them for God's sake.

Two different modes of travel in the Bay.

Why do I keep taking their pictures?

The back side of the Pier.  Soon this will be no more, as construction for a new St. Petersburg icon, the Lens begins construction soon.

The Dark City

Pastries at the bakery that tried to wear down my resistance.

Damn you flour and sugar!

There is something non-commercial at the Pier, and that is a second story aquarium, although it costs a lot to get in.  And you might as well save it for the real one in Tampa. It's small but still OK.  

We bid adieu to the Pier.  Perhaps forever.  Its days, like mine, are numbered.  Both of our foundations are crumbling.  Destruction will begin this year and building the new Lens is slated to begin.  

See a YouTube video on what will be replacing the iconic Pier.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Conference At Three Birds

The Packers were playing the 49ers tonight and Brendan felt he needed some support. I'm not a Packer fan but to keep family harmony I went up to Three Birds on the bike and did what I could. I was rooting for the 49er's but Brendan doesn't always read this blog so I think I'm safe.

 Robert, Brendan and Me, or is it I? 

Brendan talking to one of his buddies, Tommy.

This is the Three Bird beer list.  Not really interested in expanding my horizon at this point.  I've strayed but I always return to Miller Lite.

The highlight of the night was Evan Taylor Jones.  Some explanation is needed.  I hate bands at bars.  Bars are supposed to be a place where friends meet to talk about all kinds of things.  You converse, and imbibe.  That's an immutable rule of saloons.  Bring in a band and it gets noisy and you can't talk.  bring in bands and you get college age riff-raff.  Bring in bands and you sit there sipping until they take a break, then you can start talking again.  When I pulled up and walked in I saw this guy and I was crestfallen.  

But guess what.  Evan here accentuated the place, didn't commandeer it.  That's an important distinction.  Well done, Evan, and he played good stuff, too.  I was so impressed I bought him a Blue Moon and shook his hand when he was done.  If you must have a band at a saloon, then this is the way to do it.  Watch the vids below. 

This is Howard J. Bubbletrousers.  He has his own page on Facebook (look him up) and I am one of his friends.  I have been for a couple years.  I finally got to meet him in person.  Go to his page and read of his adventures, cool dog, and nice human companions, too.  (Kelly and Marshall)

Three Birds is a pretty nice outside bar.  Perhaps the best ambiance of any place I've been to down here, not that I have been to many, mind you. 

A round of Cinnamon Roll shots for all my friends, then I'm going home.  Maybe. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Other Half

Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa is a nice area to jog, walk the dog, or to commune with the rich and fabulous.  The old expression, "The Other Half" as in how the other half lives refers to this area.  As we zipped along Bayshore Boulevard I grabbed Amy's camera and took these pictures of some of the homes along this long Bay- viewable street.  It was interestingly enough the 2nd time I had been here.  One time the Geezers on their Goldwings took this route to somewhere.  Now, when you finish today's blog don't be calling out to Tampa realtors wanting to buy.  You can't afford it.  Just take my word for it, you really can't.

Bayshore Boulevard starts on the waterfront at Hyde Park and goes all the way down past Bayshore Gardens.

I'm surprised they let us use their street.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cub Reporter Monday

Cub Reporter Monday

My niece, Amy, submitted this dramatic truck fire somewhere in Indianapolis.  Well, I lied.  Her mother sent it to me.  Amy was on her way to work, and like the photo hound she is, she had her camera at the ready, and was able to drive and snap this pic all at the same time.  Perfect for Cub Reporter Mondays.  No one was hurt in the blaze.  Besides all that, what a great picture.  You would think someone with a fine camera and talent like that would have her own blog.  (This is called twisting an arm.  When she was down a few weeks ago I saw some of her pictures and d tried convincing her to display them in this medium.  So far I have not been successful.)  

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - All lanes of northbound I-465 are moving slowly near Rockville Road due to a semi truck on fire, according to INDOT.
Indiana State Police Dispatchers say the right lanes will be blocked for about 30 minutes near mile marker 13.
No injuries have been reported at this time.
Expect delays as you travel in this area.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doing Tampa

One of Amy's items on her wish list while in the Tampa Bay area was to see a harbor area with some big freighters. Can't say as I have ever heard of anywhere around here as a "go-to" place to see the big ships so this was going to be an adventure of Tampa. And as you all know, I don't do Tampa. I was told by the powers that be that all I had to do was sit there and look pretty so with rosary in hand off I went.

First stop was Ikea, which is an adventure in and of itself.  If you ever have the time and are near one (there aren't many in the US),  do give it a go.  We did our Ikea thing and now off to see something.  This was new territory, sort of.  I have ridden over here to the Dark City a couple of times with the Geezers on Goldwings.  Also once to the Zoo and Aquarium, so it's not like I NEVER go.  I just never have a need or much of a desire to go to the Dark City.  We drove by this neat old whatever.  

After that we ended up in this park area overlooking the Bay.  It's still not what Amy was looking for but we stopped anyway.  Kind of a neat place, a marina, park, and small airport were all here.

Yes, Amy let me borrow her camera, again.

I'm going to buy that spit of land and build my home on it.  It will be made of palm wood and live oak (dead after I cut it down).  

Islands in the stream.

Interesting place we ended up.  I think this was somewhere called Davis Island.

Boats are a dime a dozen down here.  Unfortunately they cost a zillion dimes.  Even ones with strange green paint on one side and white on the other.  Old boats... boats.

Big boats...

Pretty boats.  (Can you tell I have been reading "Old Hat, New Hat" to Norah?)

Unfortunately we didn't get to see what Any was looking for, but we did see this big boat  ready to send some on a dream vacation.

Well, we did see this freighter, but there was no activity.  Amy went to a port in Charleston that was busy with activity.  Never found it down here, however.  

The Dark City.  

And then, as we were leaving this area, out in the Bay was this freighter.  But we couldn't stay any longer because our Christmas guests were too busy coming down with the nasty Floridian Epizutic.  Both Patti and Amy would end up fighting this dread cold-like illness that would curtail all other plans.   Fun day anyway.