Thursday, February 13, 2014

And Yet More This And That

Spotted at the Wagon Wheel flea market.  What's wrong?  Well, first off, that Hot Wheels paint job demeans this nice 'Vette.  Also, no 'Vette should ever be yellow.  Besides that, nothing is wrong with it.

This is how Norah tackles a donut.  It becomes a frosting transference device.  

Norah modeling her new Christmas fashions. 

Sunset At the Vinoy

This was part of a pine tree at Shawshank.  I was amazed at the complexity of it all.  The things all around us that we never ever, really see.

Put this under the "I've Seen It All Now Category:

At a thrift shop I spied this pooch with an obvious service vest.  It was one of those odd looking breeds that you have only seen in photographs.  A cursory glance through the dog breeds revealed this to be one of those Chinese Crested things, I think.  A glance at the dog and its owner revealed that they both did, in fact look similar.  I was curious as to what type of service this dog performed.  The owner didn't appear blind, or handicapped.  Was she deaf?  With stealth, well, relative stealth, anyway, I moved over and as soon as the owner was behind the decorative doors, I snapped another picture with my iPhone.  This thing either takes the most remarkable pictures, or the worst - no in between.

Well, I had no idea there were service dogs for Emotional Support.  After doing some research at home I discover that emotional support service dogs need be trained in nothing at all.  They only need to be there.  And I also learned that they had legal access in any residence regardless of housing animal restrictions. 

I also learned that you can register you pooch to be a service dog and you can get a vest and all the certification documents through the mail.  Looks like a way for dog owners to alleviate their separation anxiety when they aren't with their mutts.

As you may recall, Shawshank has a weight restriction on dogs here.  Hmmm?  Sure glad I ran into this little guy today.  A rare example of the Chinese coming to the aid of an American.

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