Monday, February 17, 2014

Jupiter and The Moon

The date is January 18th, 2014.  A new year, a new opportunity to work on heavenly photography.  That is, the stars.  I read where tonight would be a great time to take pictures of the Moon and Jupiter.  They were in close proximity within viewing the next couple of days, and like an intrepid knight battling the dragons, I continued my quest to understand a camera that was seemingly keeping its mysteries to itself.   

My first one, and perhaps my best, was at dusk right outside my front door.  Peeking through the prevalent clouds appeared both the Moon and Jupiter.   

The next few pictures repeat the scene, with varying degrees of cloud cover.   The two subjects never changing, but everything around them in constant flux.  

I was finished for tonight's picture taking, this last one looking very much like the dragon's eye; a menacing gaze toward the knight, wielding not a lance but a camera

As I was writing this, I thought, wow, how do I punch this up a little. It's a weak entry.   I've certainly had better posts, and maybe this won't survive the filtering process.  I mean, gee, the Moon and Jupiter?  Big deal.  And then I thought some more (I need to do this more often) and realized that something like this doesn't need "punching".  Imagine a small creature, a very small creature on a small world takes a small box and pushes a small button,  and reveals sights worlds away.  How's that for punching it up a little? 

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