Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  For you intrepid Norah watchers, here are a couple pictures to peruse.

This is noteworthy in that she is finally allowing someone to do things with her hair.  her mother and her other babysitter are allowed to create pigtails.  The rest of us, well, "not now, thank you very much."

This was a picture where I was fiddling with the camera and felt I needed to snap something and send to her mother just to let her know all was well at Shawshank.  She was twirling and running and then simply stopped and held this pose for quite some time.  I don't know if she was trying to help me or if she simply went 'tharn' for a few seconds (I suspect the latter).  Either way, it was an odd pose and odd picture.   

2.  We had a football playoff pool with about 8-10 people last month.  Winners were: Mackenzie ($35), Drew ($20), Brendan and Justin (tie) ($20).  All have been paid and hope to do it again next year.  Those who read this who were in it, thanks for your participation.  Anyone who would like to be in it next year who wasn't, let me know.

3.  We also have had some good news in the family to cheer.  Drew has received a promotion and raise at the Coke plant, and Brendan has a new full-time job.  

4.  This quivering mass of insecurity is Bailey.  He is a Yorkie who belongs to Patti, who has been visiting her sister.  I am holding it whilst she loads up her car for North Carolina.  I have really made my feelings for such pets well known in this space.  I am a big dog lover.  People, these are not dogs.  They are, however, something very special to their owners and gosh-darn it, that's pretty important, too. Real dogs hunt, bring home shredded rabbits,  bark and have the ability to tug on leashes.  These guys just sit, look pretty, dainty, and love their owners like nothing else. 

I do enjoy Mark and Holly's little dog, Maddie.  She is a dog who happens to be small.  I'm really trying to force myself to being open minded and finding the "dog" that is left in these wee ones.  

One event that softened my heart a bit:  this mini-tuft with a stout heart took on the cat with which I am forced to cohabit with.  It was a short battle but I think points went to the dog.  Bravo, oh  diminutive Ye Yapper.  Bravo. 

5.  As you read this on Tuesday morning, I should be 4-wheeling my way up North.  In a kind of weird, sick, reverse snowbird thing, I am presently en route in the hopes of encountering a snowfall.  It doesn't have to be blizzard, although that would be nice, too, but even a gentle lazy snowfall would be welcome.  

My ride is a friend from G-Burg, Judy, who has been down here for a month or so visiting her daughters.  She is a former Dick Blick employee and old car owner, and I have forced myself on her good graces for a lift.  

Hope to see you guys soon and lift a beer or pizza with you in your various places of BFE.  


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  1. Safe Travels Friend! Looking forward to that beer........ Cheers!