Monday, March 24, 2014

First Week

Back Home.  Are there any better words?  Well, yes, probably many, but given my set of circumstances this week, this is the best for me at the moment.  Landed back in Illinois in Mid-February, to see snow, weather, friends and family.

This is my first glimpse of snow in years.  At a rest stop somewhere in Illinois I took this picture.  Looks like this was a spot for dogs to do their thing.  But it sure looked good to me.

Having arrived in G-Burg, I went over to Pat's for the first couple nights.  I took this the first day back as I was touring the countryside out by Wataga to just soak it in.  Walked out into the field to get write this for anyone back in Florida paying attention.

After a couple days at Pat's I headed over to Mark and Holly's and joined them on their weekly trip to Beer Bellies.  That's Jason Claussen on the left, the Wombie in the middle, and, of course, yours truly.  Directly between me and Mark clear in the back playing the machine was Holly.  I am a bit taken back by the proliferation of real, honest to goodness betting parlor type machines everywhere.  They really pay off, too.  I guess I was unaware that Illinois had eased betting restrictions.  The Wombie said the Country Club is also installing some.  Gee, I leave the state and the place gets fun.  

In the picture above the three stooges here, is a panorama of Beer Bellies.  The fellow leaning back is a fellow named Dave Olson, a Mercer County treasure.  Sitting next to him facing us is Danny Lee, a gentleman of equal wit and kindness.

Mark and Holly don't have Wi-Fi so my place to get caught up was McDonald's.  I was sitting with my head buried in the machine when I noticed an employee come out and take a picture.  When I turned around I saw why.  Beautiful, isn't it?  

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