Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gulfport Car Show

On a somewhat cool and rainy Saturday recently in Gulfport, local old car owners gathered for a show.  I caught it late in the day as the awards were being announced, but even on a nasty day there were a few interesting cars to gave upon.  Most were in very nice condition, others not so much.

The first one of note was this 1965 Imperial.  I happen to like Imperials and have owned one in the past and would like another someday, but no this one.  Firstly, it was repainted an ungodly and even for their standards an un-Chrysler pink that was most certainly not one offer in 1965, particularly for the high-cost Imperials.

This is a nice 1965 Plymouth Barracuda.  It looks to be almost stock (my favorite type of old car) except for the mag wheel treatment.

This is a great looking '63 Mercury Comet convertible. 

El Camino's never thrilled me so I skipped right by that car/truck and focused on a nice looking 1960 AMC Custom.  

A Ford Galaxie and Packard with matching yellow paint, and both convertible were a nice draw. 

A fantastic 68 GTO convertible.  This was the year almost all makers started using the hidden headlight, but it wouldn't survive but a few years before they all became exposed again.

A nice looking 1968 Dodge Coronet.  I wonder if that is a stock paint job or gussied up custom job by a previous owner.

Finally I want o talk about that pink Imperial again.  In 1963 Chrysler put a pentagram on all their products on the lower right hand side.  Miss Frump has one.  Technically, Chrysler called it the fratzog.  Look, if you are going to paint a nice old car, mask it, take off the chrome pieces and for God's sake, don't paint over the fratzog! 

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