Monday, March 31, 2014


In what may send my Northern readers running in madness, these pictures are of snowy Mercer County.  You will never quite understand my mellow joy in seeing it, walking in it, and falling in it.  My trip was intended to embrace the white stuff and in that regard I was successful.   

This picture is from Mark and Holly's side porch area looking over at Doug's and the corn field.  My truck resides up North to provide wheels when I visit and/or move back, which is probably dumb.  It is now 18 years old and just turned 100,000 miles.  Bet I can get another. 

Isn't that pretty?  Whites grays and hazy.  I can assure you there is none of that in Florida. 

Mark and Holly have a wonderful home with a great view from their screened-in porch which is visible to the right in this picture.  

I accompanied the Wombie on his daily rounds to check the water in Seaton and Joy.  These were taken on the outskirts of Seaton. 

Spots on the camera lens?

I wonder if animals get tired of being cold and walking through snow?

Nothing spectacular here today.  Only interesting if you haven't been around it for years.  Join us later for more posts from the trip up, but I can't guarantee that you won't see more snow. 

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  1. I hope someday I can want to see snow again. That time is not now and that day is not today.