Thursday, April 17, 2014

Driving Vids

We are almost done with posts relating to my trip back North in February.  Then you all can go back to your Spring worshipping and trying to forget the winter that held you in its embrace for far too long.  But not yet.  Today is a look back to some fun winter driving videos that I took on a particularly snowy day heading tint G-Burg from Knoxville.  It had been some time since I drove in it, but my cat-like snow reflexes returned like I'd never left.  

This is County 10, I think they call it, just south of G-Burg.  I always referred to it as Thirwell Road.  Whatever it is, it was a fun trip and falls under the "Be careful what you wish for" category.  Kind of scary and when out, immediately wanted back in, but I stuck with it like the old pro I am.   

The Wombie, AKA Aquaman, and I were just running around near Keithsburg and New Boston one day and ran into a flooded road.  I told him to gun it and that God hates a coward, but the Wombie chickened out and played it safe.  

And one final short video of me tooling around in the snow-swept tundra.  It was exhilarating and I enjoyed this trip as much as any I've taken up north since exiled to Florida.  And as the memory of winter fades a bit for you, remember that the first day of November is a scant 180 days from now. 

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