Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Don't be surprised if we take a few days off here real soon.  The staff has been getting itchy and they all want to go to the beach after a long winter.  It's been awhile since we have had some time off so in the interest of team morale I just may oblige my overworked and underpaid staff.  

2.  Unoriginal Thought Of The Day:  Everyone who ever lived, lived in modern times.

3.  Under the "Real Floridians Suck" category,  this doesn't change my opinion of Floridians, it only reaffirms it.  We Northerners give the place a little class.

4.  Go to Bodine-DILLIGAF on my home page to read an interesting tale set in 1957 when Florida dropped a nuclear bomb on Georgia.  
5. Mainsail Art Festival was held at the Vinoy on the 19th and 20th of April, and I am sorry to say I did not see anything that dazzled my eyes and was in my price range.  I was smitten by Jane Slivka and her acrylics, but ended up not patronizing (buying art work) the arts this year.  

Jane works with bright colors and en plain air style.  I liked it but not enough to shell out.  We'll try again next year. 

6.  For you Norah watchers, this was taken last Sunday.  I think Kenzie posted it on Facebook, too.  I took it with my iPhone I'm holding in my other hand.  That's me in the black shirt.  She turns 3 next Thursday.

She seldom has her hair up, and in fact, this was to last only a few moments until she reached up and took the hair-thingy off.  

I don't have anything else, today.  Come back tomorrow.

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