Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blood Moon

When I worked with Uncle Ed on the farm he could always tell which cow was which.  To me they all looked alike.  Today we have the Blood Moon pictures, a couple of which I posted on Facebook, also.  They may all look alike, but they are all different. Some have clouds around or in front, some are clear, some are right at the center of the eclipse, and some are coming out of it.  This was the lunar eclipse which turned the Moon into a rusty sphere, caused scientifically by the sunsets and sunrises of the earth reflecting back onto he moon.  

I almost missed the alarm going off at 3:20 ET and had to do a little scrambling to get the shot at around 3:30 which was the approximate center of the eclipse.  I didn't have to go far, just right outside my back door.   

I'm not going to expand on any of these: I simply wish for you to imagine the majesty of the heavens and the mystery of the universe.  

I still struggle with aperture, f-stops, ISO and white balance settings.   The camera is the real star here, not the idiot looking through the viewfinder.

And then, an hour or so later, the Moon returned to its usual color  in the sky.  It wasn't hard to imagine the Aztecs or whoever had limited scientific knowledge believing something apocalyptic was happening or going to happen.  It was fun to watch and imagine all the ancient tribulations of such an event.  

I understand we have three more of these in the next year and a half.  I will be out there, in the middle of the night snapping away, like a crazed monkey with a keyboard attempting to create for you a photographic masterpiece.

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