Friday, May 2, 2014

Flashback Friday 2004-2014

Continuing in the series, today we see various pictures of the Mary Davis Home before I left its hallowed halls and clanging doors.   

My trusty pickup, a 1996 Ford Ranger sits on guard for a quick noon hour trip home or home for good at 4:30.  This is an amazing truck, actually.  Bought it new and it still is serving its function admirably.  A run-in with a public Grocery pylon, and a fender bender by the current Mrs. Blythe in Atlanta, Blue has incurred some tough encounters lately.  She is dented and unsightly here and there, but, hey, ain't we all?  She has just recently turned over 100,000 miles and I suspect is good for another hundred K.  

It's kind of funny because through all those winter snows and salt her back end was real rusted out and a service station down here said it should be junked and taken off the road, and by the way we have a pick up you can buy right here.  I luckily said no, went to a place here and asked if they could fix the problem, and they did.  She is still on the road.   

When I first started and before we built on to the original structure, this was the all purpose room.  This was where kids spent their free time, and ate.  There were tables in this area and couches and TV in the carpeted area.  We added on thus creating the hallway on the right that went down to the new rec area, rooms and gym.  

This is Katy in the kitchen.  Katy served many functions for us through the years and performed them all well.  I mentioned in an earlier post her adeptness at malaprops  and usually had us in stitches.  Funny and sweet, she was essential to us all.

This is my buddy Pat Johnson.  I forget which grandkid this is but she doesn't look too happy with whoever is shaking her hand.  I can't put into words adequately what Pat has meant to me through the decades.  I stay with her when I am up North and she is a gracious and generous hostess.  She has, and continues to play a large role in my life, and for that I am forever indebted.   

This is the front office area.  On the left is Randy's office and the next door down was Becky's.  Pat's is at the far left at the end of the hallway and to the right of the wooden closet door is the break room.  My office was right behind the photographer. 

It seems like yesterday - it seems like a lifetime ago.

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