Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Drew was checking around Craiglist for a shotgun a few weeks ago.  The guy he was corresponding with sent him a picture of the gun.    

And his toes.

I hope you are not looking at this over breakfast.  And I also fervently hope he doesn't live in Georgia.


Now, imagine you are at the pump, minding your own business, lost in thoughts about errands, work or home and a camper pulls up beside you.  Only this camper has a snake wrapped around its door handle and mirror.  

Turns out this is a fake snake and just one part of the charm of this old camper.  I don't care if it is fake, if I faint when it rolls up, then its not a fake faint.  Someone has to pay.  

3.  I hope the weather in Missouri is good this week.  (No, I won't be there, but Neighbor Tim will be fishing there.  Last couple of years have been iffy, weather-wise.)

4.  Nap Time For Little Squab


5.  Pointless comment of the year: I hate the word "absolutely".  Apparently Americans have decided a 4 syllable word is better than a 1 syllable, "yes".   I also hate when people start their sentence with "Look…" or most recently "So..," seems to be the latest.  I also hate when people don't finish their sentences.  "Do you want fries with that, er…?"  I blame my grammar fanaticism on my mother who was always correcting us.  One of her favorites was in response to one of us asking, where is the Wombie at?  She would respond "behind the "At".  Apparently throwing an "at" at the end of a sentence would get her English proclivities enraged.  Its now all I can think about when I hear someone else throw in that "at".  At least they don't have Marj to contend with; she broke us kids like a cowboy breaks ponies.

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