Friday, June 20, 2014

Flashback Friday

I have no idea why Marj took pictures of some of their rooms in the house they lived in before the Wombie and I were hatched.  It is still there is Seaton, right across from where they bought a lot and built a new house. 

Was it because she was proud of her decorating skills?  Was it for sentimental reasons, knowing they would soon be moving?  Was it because this was her first, having just married Herb, after she had graduated from college and he had returned from the war?  

I suppose we will never know the motivation.      

Most noteworthy are the virtually indestructible wooden chairs and couch.  These would follow Marj, Herb and Phil over to the new house and be part of the Wombie and I's memory.  That wallpaper looks kind of like bamboo.  And frankly, I'm weirded out by the mirror.   Mirror's were never, and I mean never a part of Marj's interior design schemes, and why would anyone ever have one in the living room?  So you can see if someone is slipping through the door?   The light from the lamp on the table seems to have obliterated any distinguishing features. Isn't that odd?   

I don't remember anything regarding that painting or print not he wall.  Looks horrid anyway.  I wonder if that lamp is a matching one from the picture above?  It, too, seems to be too bright for the film in her camera.  The credenza or cabinet is nothing I recall so if it made the move across the street, it was gone before I had any memory.  The dog snoozing on the chair was Sandy, and again, I have no memory of her.  She was, by all accounts and great little Cocker Spaniel.  I also noticed the skeleton key to the from door is in the lock.  I suppose that was equivalent to having a bolt lock, although, again, I never remember the folks locking any doors when we were growing up.   

Finally, this is the folk's bedroom.  How they could get any sleep with that wallpaper on the wall I can't fathom.  The drawers with attached mirror lasted not only through the move, but also to the very end, after both my parents had passed away.  A great solid piece of furniture that mirror was a great help to all of us through the years if we needed to take a look at ourselves. 

I'm sure there have been more exciting Flashbacks and for the money you are paying to view this site, one might come to expect more.  But what we have here is a slice of mid-50's American, young middle class, interior design.  If they had any designation back then they would have been Yurmmies: Young Upwardly Rural.  Herb worked for his Dad at this point at the Seaton Grain Company and would eventually buy it from him.   In a year or two they would build a new, bigger ranch home across the street, that Marj designed.  They would join the Aledo Country Club and Herb would take up a lifelong obsession with golf.  They would have twins to go along with Philip and that would be the world I lived in growing up.  

And of course, every so often a new redecorating project in one of the rooms.   

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