Thursday, July 10, 2014

Egmont Key - Part 2

We now Continue our visit to Egmont Key.  

I found it odd that these birds crowded the old walkways through the abandoned fort.  Why?  You would the think they would prefer in the shrubbery where they could catch a bug.  But no.  They loitered on the sidewalk.   Any ornithologists out there?

An old Quonset-type building that held armaments.

A cement wall in front of the Quonset to guard against errant fire that might set the armaments ablaze.

These Osprey had made a home in one to the smokestacks that have been unused for decades.  They weren't real pleased with us snooping around, either.  

One of three gun batteries facing south, waiting for a Spanish invasion that never happened. 

This is the old Egmont Fort Battery McIntosh on the North side of the island.  

Walking through the not particularly well-worn path, I figured I was soon to reach the ferry pick-up site when I saw the lighthouse above the trees and palms.  Frankly, I was hot and tired and much preferred the early pick-up time of 2:45.  I was lugging around my camera back pack and doing my part to carry a wilted Miss Norah, so i was ready to leave.   

It is a nice little place to visit but I wouldn't want to be stuck here over night.  Those beacon lights you see in the foreground were used at the lighthouse from the 40's until 1989, when it was replaced by the new beacon which is in use today.  It sends a light out for warning every 15 seconds.  

On the way back to land we came across a couple of freighters, which for me, was dazzling and worth the trip all by itself.  We were told by the captain of our boat that Harbor Captains take command of these guys till about 5 or 6 miles outside harbor, then a boat comes and picks them up.  

I wonder if I'm too old to work on one of these.  Wouldn't that be fun?  

The Clipper Sky looked to me to be an oil tanker because of the piping on the topside, but then I don't have a clue.  It could be a milk tanker for all I know.  

It reminded me a lot of one of last years really good movies, Captain Phillips.  

The first freighter in front way in the background.  I didn't have my camera then so didn't take pictures, but decided the second one was too good to miss.  By the way, the Clipper Sky is a Norwegian ship based out of Stavanger.  A little research told me that this ship was built in 2004 and primarily plus between Tampa and Point Lisas in the country of Trinidad and Tobago.  It supplies that country with LPG gas.  That makes it a pretty short trip, looks to me.  Isn't the internet something?  

We all made it back to the ferry on time, barely, I might add, and back to the mainland.  Egmont was fun, and I forgot to mention that there is a nice little beach on the north side where many boaters come to throw out their anchors and spend an afternoon.  We also had enough time to do a little swimming ourselves.  

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