Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just A Short Cruise Downtown

I took a short trip downtown to one of my favorite places, Demen's Landing.  To the rear you can see the St. Petersburg skyline, to the front the Bay, to the right the Whitted airport and to the left, the now vacant Pier.  Even with all that it is still quiet, unpeopled, and a great place to sit on a park bench and see, hear, and smell the where the sea meets the city.

In what will be welcome to many, I will remain quiet as you peruse the pics.  

There is a phrase in the entrainment industry something like "jumped the shark."  It refers to an episode of Happy Days when the Fonz is skiing and actually jumped over a shark trying to attack him.  That is the point when the show had run out of ideas, that its end was near.   

I figured after I saw the Duck family scooting across the parking lot that there wouldn't be anything else to see today.  My trip had essentially "jumped the ducks", so I hopped on the bike and left this hidden nook of he city and headed back to Shawshank.

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