Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  I never learned rock-paper-scissors.  I never got the concept.  Something else I have struggled with and am embarrassed to admit: I never learned how to determine gas mileage.  People ask all the time about my bike's mileage and I have to say I don't have a clue.  It's kind of like my Kuerig,  it can get complicated in a hurry.  

2.  While I was unable to make the Pride Parade on Saturday night (June 29th) I was able to attend some of the street revelry the next day.  It was ungodly hot but there were lots of people there.  I walked the closed-off area checking the vendors and cool free stuff   along with Brendan, then called it a day and rushed to find air conditioning.  

Sometimes down here you start to think maybe there aren't any straight people left, but you know, LGBT folks get one weekend a year, and God bless 'em,  they make the most of it.  I'm glad to support their efforts for equality.  I detest bullying of any kind.  

3.  Norah Sighting of the Week:

That little kid just loves me silly, but then how hard can it be to con a 3 year old?  (A friend told me it was impossible to con a kid or a dog.  I hope she's right. She is about everything else.)

4.  Rumors are sweeping the compound that some of us here at Shawshank are being transferred to a place called Bedlam on the Bay.  I have been refining my escape plans.  

I'm going to sneak into Northlandia soon and get busy living.  I hope to see an old friend. (Actually many.) I hope his beer is as cold as I remember. I hope.

5.  All I wanted was some scrambled eggs for lunch.  I grabbed a skillet, shot some grease in it, put the eggs in and after about a couple minutes had some nicely cooked eggs.  Total time not more than 5 minutes from idea conception to sliding onto some paper plates for consumption.  That was the easy part.  The real work came in trying to clean the skillet.  Soaked in water the skillet still clung to a layer of egg.  Total time spent on clean up - 35 minutes and I'm still not done.  Why can't we come up with a disposable one-use stove pan for things like this that have an out-of-whack enjoyment-cleanup ratio?  Lot of hyphens in that sentence, but really, is it so tough to come up with some type of super aluminum skillet that we guys can just chuck into the trash rather than taking us away from the ballgame on TV or the latest viewing of Shawshank Redemption for an ungodly amount of time cleaning something that didn't taste all that great to begin with.  I mean, scrambled eggs.  Is that really worth over a half-hour time of clean up?  But I am not just a bitcher - I am sending a letter to NASA asking them if they can come up with something for us guys.  It's not like they have a lot to do anyway, right?  No space missions, we even have to hitch rides with the Russians, but since our Ukraine sanctions, Hell, they aren't even letting us do that.  So, hey scientists who came up with Teflon and Velcro, come up with a disposable, cheap cooking skillet.  

6.  Driving around I spotted these two old Corvairs side by side.  I approached the owners and you know something about old car guys?  They'll talk all day about their babies.  All I had to say was "Man, these are nice,"  and they started telling me all about them. 


The blue one is a '69, the last year made, and the other one is a '66.  The '69 was in mint shape but the yellow one needed some body work and new paint.  But it was nice seeing two old ones together. We chatted a while and learned that the '69's interior is full of Camaro parts.  This is because they weren't going to make anymore so use what spare parts you can find to throw in it.  I had never heard that about the last year Corvair before.  And you know, they weren't as bad as Nader said they were.  Certainly not as bad as the recent GM key disaster that has killed 13 people officially and probably a lot more than have yet to be added tot he list.  Like John Oliver said about GM, why walk through the valley of the shadow of death when you can drive. 


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