Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Picture of the Day

The Tybee Lighthouse, decked out for Memorial Day weekend.  This was taken by Jeff, my climbing buddy and resident of Tybee Island.  

2.  Picture of the Week

For those interested in the Norah Weekly Watch.  This is our attempt to be cutesy with the iPhone and the mirrors in the dining room.  Of course, when I say cutesy I mean Norah and certainly not the old guy she is sitting on.

3.  Tuesday Tidbit Theater

This is called the Gunfighter by Eric Kissack.  I thought it was entertaining.  Your take may be different.  We offer no iron-clad guarantees on Existing In BFE.   Oh, and it's probably not safe to have your 5 year old watch it.  

4.  I have always kind of considered the 4th of July weekend as the halfway point in the summer.  Yikes!  This is going fast.

5.  I read in the July 5th Tampa Bay Times that Pinellas County (St. Pete/Clearwater) has 6000 homeless people and half of them are children.  

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