Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tybee This And That

One last look at Savannah and the Tybee Adventure.  

About the squares you see a lot of people, many with cameras in hand taking in the sights, smells and grandeur of Savannah.  The clip-clop of carriages takes you back to an antebellum time in this city when mint juleps were as prominent as the "vapors".  This picture doesn't show it, but right behind the tail area on these horses are a kind of diaper, to insure, well, to insure sensibilities remain sensible.  

She has come under a great deal of scrutiny in the past year or so, but Paula Dean's The Lady & Sons Restaurant seems to have brisk business. 

This is a picture of the old stately trees that cover all of the squares that we walked.  There are 20 such squares in Savannah making travel by car kind of tough.  Best to just park it somewhere and walk.

The gold-domed Savannah City Hall.

A typical Square.  Each Square has a theme, of sorts.  There are 22 of them scattered around downtown.  Some have the final resting spot for various people, others fountains, gazebos or assorted statuary.

I saw these two cars in Waldo.  Where's Waldo?  Just east of Gainsville.  (I couldn't resist) 

This is a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon.  They made just over 10,000 of these (not a lot) and would be considered quite rare and nice restored.  There are rust holes in hood and behind the wheel wells and surface rust all over.  I can't imagine it being a restoration project and the interior is another question.  Finding parts might be tough, but with a ground-up makeover, I'd love to have this baby in my garage, if I had one.  

Sitting right next to it was another Chrysler umbrella station wagon, a Dodge 330 station wagon.  This appears to be in better shape but it still has its rust issues and both cars are probably candidates for parts donorship rather than full restorations.  It would take an awful lot to get them back to tip-top shape and are probably awaiting someone to come along and buy for parts.  

Imagine in all the highways, county roads and back roads of America, and I run across these two 1963 station wagons sitting next to each other.  What are the odds?   The Plymouth has no license, but the Dodge California black plates say this was last registered in 2004.  They were sitting in a what seemed like a kind of mechanical shop.  It was open and didn't want to ruffle their feathers so I took these quickly and moved on. When I return to Tybee and if I go through Waldo, I'll check them out more thoroughly.  

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