Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Bimbo

Where I come from a bimbo was something other than a bakery. 

2.  Flushing Out  

I have written previously about the wooded area next door that is home to the homeless.  A few weeks ago I saw one of them sleeping in one of the racquetball courts, and every so often on my walk I see a couple police cars parked next to the road - their drivers walk into the area probably to rouse them and kick them out.  Well, last week as I was walking by I saw that some bulldozing has been taking place and easily seen from the sidewalk was what looked like a tent or encampment.   My thoughts:  it's a bit like Whack-A-Mole,  they'll pop up someplace else.  Owners have a right to protect their property and liability laws insure that  we can't "pay it forward" much anymore, but if they aren't hurting anything and the land is not needed for anything else, why not just leave them alone?  


3.  The Quadrennial Republican Clown car just jettisoned its second clown in as many months.  Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, a presumed literate man, just said homosexuality is a choice.  Why?  Because straight people go in to prisons but gay people come out.  That's so inherently laughable as to make reasonable responses practically impossible.  Last month we had Huckabee claim being gay is like being drunk or people who swear.  Just stop drinking and stop swearing is his answer.  Man, this is going to be fun.   Lets be very clear folks:  no sane person chooses being ostracized,  spit on, abandoned by friends and family,  beaten and left to die on lonely fence posts, and made to feel like a 3rd rate citizen.  If it were a choice, the choice would be easy.  Being gay may not be my kind of thing (by birth), but those who denigrate,  obstruct,  deny rights, belittle, or any number of things those who are, are simply bullies.  Nothing but ugly schoolyard bullies. 

If the Republicans can muster a candidate with heart, a brain and a sense of the 21st century they may be able to effectively mount a campaign against Hillary.  But if they keep trotting out these tired old Bible-Belt pandering hillbilly-wannabes, then the White House will be Bill's to wander once again.  

(Full disclosure:  I voted for Obama in '08 and Romney in '12.  I now declare myself a Free Agent.) 

4.  It's A Jungle Out There

Even from my patio the endless dance between hunter and hunted is played out.  This gecko nabbed some kind of flying insect and walked back to his lair for lunch.  One of my trusty nature comments is, "Life feeds on life."  Happily for the gecko, sadly for winged morsel.

5.  For Norah Watchers


6.  Illinois Millionaire Raffle

I was heartened to hear that Illinois is doing a revised Millionaire Raffle this St. Patrick's day.  Not usually a lotto player I have become quite entranced by the Millionaire variety they did twice a year: St. Pats Day and Halloween up in Northlandia.   The odds of winning were as good any and figured this was the best way to get rich quick, I certainly didn't want to work for it.  Like all Lotto dummies I paid my money and waited for the big day, only to be disappointed but like the ever-optimistic Cubs fan I'd say, "Maybe next time."  That's why last Halloween was so disappointing - no Raffle.  

I hadn't even thought about the Raffle this Spring, I figured it was all over, but then on a whim I checked the lotto site and there it was.  A siren's call to plunk down a wad of money for an elusive chance at wealth.  Alright!  So I have "my People" in Northlandia working on securing me a ticket.  Check back after the 18th for a review of where I have invested my cool million! 

7.  Bus Stop

Along my walk is this bus stop where someone had put their bike.  They locked it up, of course, since there be thieves about.  This was  Thursday.  

By Friday this is what it looked like.  

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  1. Politics would not be fun with out you........don't hold back.