Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I feel sorry for the kids today.  Norah has started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they are horrible.  Sure, they aren't made for me, but supposedly Bugs Bunny wasn't made for my folks either.  But that's just the thing, cause I think the old cartoons were made for my folks, and today's should be made for me, too.  You telling me we kids had the wherewithal to know what was going on when Bugs mocked Hitler or Stalin, or Tojo?    Today's cartoons are so bland and safe, and litigiously clean that the only thing you can fault them for is the length they go to say nothing.  Gone are the jokes, the social commentary, the edginess that made us think Bugs was the coolest cat (or bunny) of them all.   

It must have been fun drawing not only for kids but for adults too.  what's worse is I'm not all that certain you can even find those great old toons anymore.  Quite a few years ago Warner Bros. cleaned a lot of them up and by clean, I mean sanitized rather than restored.  I guess many had become too politically incorrect.  Still, I think our generation had the best of it: we might not have known who Hitler, Stalin or Tojo were, but at least they didn't talk down to us.   

A recent sunrise at Bedlam.

Mars was flirting with the Moon last week.

Nothing quite like finding a few stolen moments from a busy day, maybe grab a beer and sit down with the latest edition of Oil & Lube News.  

I'm tired having returned from Savannah and Tybee Island this past weekend, a bit of the sniffles coming on, and watched Norah today. So I am closing Tuesday Tidbits in a somewhat abbreviated edition.    This will free you up to spend your time in more constructive efforts.

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