Monday, April 13, 2015

Marjorie Kinnon Rawlings - Part 2

Turning right from the living room takes you through a foyer and into the bedroom and bathroom area of the house.  This part of the house was brought in on skids after she had bought the main part of the house.   I don't usually find the need to photograph tubs but decided to include this because, as you will see in the third photo below, this room included a toilet.

The toilet was installed after the tub and sink, and was one of the first inside toilets in the area.  Miss Rawlings, never needing much reason to have a shindig, decided to celebrate.  She filled the tub with ice and adult beverage, placed finger food on a sliver tray and placed on the sink (below) and put flowers on the newly installed toilet.  Then she invited all the neighbors for a toilet installation bash. 

I should also point out that the linoleum was ordered from Sears and is the original.  Surprising that the amount of foot traffic hasn't worn it out by now.  

Marjorie loved flowers all around her so had fresh cut flowers placed in every room, every day.

Guests slept in this bed.  It's hard to imagine Gregory Peck sleeping here because the bed is terribly short.   Peck was here during a visit to Miss Rawlings for the filming of The Yearling.    

This suitcase is at the foot of the bed of where Ms. Rawlings slept.  It is her suitcase and if you look close enough you can see her initials.   

This is Miss Rawling's bed.  

Kudos to the group that cares for the house.  They have not replaced anything with "period" pieces.  This is the actual place as it was.  It does receive new paint every year to protect the it from he elements but the interior is all original.

The roll remains where it was 62 years ago. 

Another view of the Sears linoleum.  This second bathroom off the guest bedroom looks just like it did when Marjorie died in 1953. 

More Wednesday. 

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