Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Barbie and Her Dogs

Seen on the shelf at Target.  Wait for it....

2.  Name Game

OK.  Unimaginative parents or really imaginative parents?  Hey, Trav, where are the Harry Berries?    

3.  Why does the fashion world insist on making women wear high heeled shoes?  I have never seen a lady wear them without looking clunky, awkward and, well, looking like they have some form of impediment to their gait.

4.   Am I missing something?  I see where UN Ambassador says we are "chipping" away at ISIS.  Our defense spending is obscene.  We are the world's only Super-super power.  Our technological know-how is unequaled.  

Why is it, then, that we have spent some 13 years in a stalemate or worse in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that we are still watching ISIS roll across borders?  The forces we have engaged in Afghanistan are using old Kalashnikov rifles and travel by camel or burro.   

One would think our $640 billion would help procure a military victory over our enemies in the region.  Perhaps this is another lesson learned from Vietnam: experience, strategy and command of the terrain trumps technological prowess.    

5.  My Norah -

6.  And did you know she is part of a crime-fighting superhero family?

You see the darnedest things at Target. 

7.  Did last week's Flashback Friday seem to end abruptly?  While I avoided the flu this winter I did catch a cold from Miss Norah and simply became too distracted with recovery to finish my train of thought.  

8.  Sources tell me I may be able to get ahold of a rhubarb pie from  the Aledo Rhubarb Festival.  That would be a little slice of heaven. 

9.  My fantasy baseball team, the Fighting Flamingoes, has started the season 0-2.  I'm not ready to panic quite yet but I did go against my usual policies and have 2 Cubs on the roster.  I won't do anything drastic until at least a month into the season, but if we are still winless, changes will have to be made.  

My Roster

c McCann
1st Pujols
2nd Russell/Semien
ss Reyes
3rd M. Cabrera
OF Betts
OF Stanton
OF Bruce
Util Fielder

SP Kluber, Bumgarner, Lester, Lynn, Bauer, Keuchel, Porcello
RP Storen, Miller, Gregerson, Britton 

Till next week, and thanks for stopping by.

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