Monday, May 4, 2015


This may be a bit of a tired repeat, but I get notices from NASA telling me when the International Space Station will be flying over head down here.  Usually I get the camera and try to do something with it, but so far, I have been disappointed with my ability to come up with much.  Last time it was over I did this.  Embarrassingly uncreative, huh?  I'll keep trying, though, maybe I'll accidentally do something worthwhile.  

As a side note, I have signed up for NASA to let me know when it is overhead in Northlandia.  If you see a slow clunky streak heading across a darkened field it's probably me waving at the Station.  If you are interested in getting these notices, type Spot The Station in your search browser.  

I know it's not much this Monday but, it will have to do.  We do have out editorial standards here at Existing In BFE and the staff almost rejected this entry as too skimpy, too devoid of meat for ultimate publication, but, alas, sometimes a morsel is enough to keep one going.  Let us hope that there are more interesting things to come.  

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