Friday, June 19, 2015

Flashback Friday

A friend asked me a couple days ago about whether or not I, as a twin, had that "special" thing with my brother.  I immediately said yes.  But I don't know whether it is that mystery tie that you read about with twins or if its just the old fashioned kind, a good brother.  My guess is its the latter.  And that's even better in my book.

The advantages to twinship are so obvious I'm sure I don't have to dwell on them.  Imagine instead of an imaginary friend most kids concoct, you actually have a real one.  An Army of Two.  Every second of every day.

The Wombie and I were talking about such things the other day.  When we were wee and in our bedroom at night, we kept making conversation instead of sleeping in order to keep the other one awake. How wild is that?  Neither wanted to be alone if the other dozed off so we would keep talking to each other, making the other stay up by having to converse.

In the past month we've had lots of chats about events.  Another oddity is that we remember separate things.  Things I'd long forgotten, Mark can flesh out, while things I recall vividly, he may not remember at all.  It's like together we form a more complete history.

When we were born the incidence of dizygotic twins was around 9 per thousand births.  Twins are becoming less rare (22.8 per thousand) these days for a variety of reasons.  But when the Wombie and I arrived sonograms hadn't yet been invented and it was a pretty big deal, and a complete surprise to the folks.  That's why we don't have middle names - the best they could muster were initials.

We were low-weight preemies and spent a couple months at the hospital until big enough to go home.  Time to bond, and plot.  Being the eldest, I always got top billing. If neither one of us thought of it, it wasn't worth doing.      

Again, the many good reasons why twinship is fun are too numerous, but perhaps the best one was when trouble arose I could always tell the parents, "He did it."      



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