Wednesday, June 24, 2015

High Water In Northlandia

Sunday and it's finally a dry day.  Nothing going on so I decide a nice bike ride is at the top of the list today. My itinerary is New Boston, Keithsburg, Seaton and back to Aledo.  


The river is high and destined to go higher.  I had never been, or it's been a very long time, down to the river's edge and seen what they have done for viewing.  Not too bad.  Plenty of parking and nice views from this area.  The oversize Adirondack chair is a little cheesy but this is New Boston, not Boston, after all.   

Always been fascinated by the river.  I wonder why.  Is it the mystery?  Or the avenue to watery destinations, adventure, new beginnings, or tragic end?  

Don't try using the walkway to the floating pier.  You'll get your sneakers wet. 

Quite a few boaters lining up to get out on the river for some Sunday fun.  

Those crazy river fanatics really know how to have some fun. 

Moving on from New Boston to Keithsburg,  we see the height of the Pope Creek.  

I tried to find a convenient place to stop by the creek running east of New Boston on the hard road, but had to settle for Keithsburg, instead.  The banks were full and in some places spilling out.  I can't imagine how it is looking today (Thursday, 18th) but it has to be higher than it was on Sunday.  

The river, creeks and high water behind us, we travel out of Keithsburg toward the Bluff.  And to our next destination.  

To Be Continued

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