Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

1.  Just heard on TV that there is a Clown Class in the Cities going to be held soon.  I'm not sure about you but I find clowns particularly unfunny.  From John Wayne Gacy to Stephen King surely clowns are only for the very, very young, who have yet to form their core fears.   
2.  Coincidence or message from some unseen ethereal master manipulator behind the curtain?  On a recent walk with the Wombie in Northlandia, we trod out of town to the corner of 7th Avenue and 100the street.  This is a country 4 way, folks.   
The Wombie spotted a penny lying along the road.  Freaky?  Indeed.
3.  You couldn't pay me to have this plate on anything I drive.
4.  Espied this 1965 Dodge Custom 880 for sale at a parking lot at Best Buy in the Cities.  Very nice machine, except the owner's presentation was a bit exaggerated.  He (or she) had Crager-type chrome racing wheels yet it was a 4-door. There is no denying. however, this car could move if it had a 383 or 413.  You could get an 880 with either a 273, 361, 383 or 413.  This is 2 years removed from my car and were completely redesigned.  This would be the last year of the 880's and would usher in the Dodge muscle car era that would last a decade.    


The exterior was almost flawless, good paint and no visible imperfections.  Maybe a bit of flaking in the under panels but that was all I could see. The interior was perfect - no rips or tears in the hard vinyl seats or dash.  He had a price of $6,900 which seemed maybe a tad high but still reasonable. 
5.  Something you won't hear or see near Bedlam.

Total quiet except for the wind rustling the leaves.  Get a load of that, Florida.

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