Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mama and Fawn

There are, in nature, riveting and heartbreaking stories played out endlessly.  Like humans, animals too, have their accidents,  sometimes ending in tragedy or safety.  During the road trip I posted on Monday, this scene played out for as long as we could stand it.  A young deer was separated from its mother.  It had become lost under her watchful eye and need up in a ravine area next tot he road.  There must have been fence somewhere because the little one was having trouble jumping up and reuniting.

The baby was skittish because of our presence, no doubt, and becoming more frantic having lost its mother.  She ran back and forth trying to leap up, with no success.  Meanwhile, Momma was up above doing her own anxious pacing back and forth.   

Finally, realizing we were contributing to the problem, we left.  We like to think everything worked out well, and why not?  They had all day to find each other and probably in a more leaked fashion without a yellow jeep full of people watching.  Yeah, that's what we think happened - nature sometimes provides happy ending.  

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