Monday, July 13, 2015

Pretty Failures

I had to pack the camera and lens and send back to Florida the next day, so I went out and tried some night shots for one last time.  I had planned on the North Lagoon, but then found this spot north of Emerald City but really, too close to town.  I had my 11-14mm lens which I find kind of difficult to use and wanted to work on it some.  

These are all horrid shots, but offer a kind of surreal look that seemed too good to just trash.  Think modern art, or some fancy photo salon selling terribly overpriced copies to nouveau art guppies.  

On my next trip back North I am going to head out at night and conquer this lens.  Everything I read about it garners rave reviews so that is one of my upcoming projects.

I plan on much night picture taking when I return so, grab a hoodie, a cup of coffee, and join me out in the spooky dark north or south lagoons of Emerald City.   Good unmolested night sky, a comrade to keep the zombies away whilst I work on my shutter speed and apertures,  and some quiet conversation sounds like a real memory making adventure.  Are you up for it?

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