Monday, August 31, 2015

A Discovery - Part 2


More pictures from the Courtney Campbell Causeway we discovered by chance.  Great place for taking sunrise or sunset pictures and it's just a short jaunt from Bedlam.  

That's Tampa.  I never get any closer to the place than here. It may be a great city but I simply D-O N-O-T   D-O    T-A-M-P-A.   Period.

As I was on the bike/jogger/walker path that straddles the roadway, I looked down and noticed a couple of large rays swimming by.  If you can't see them look at the next picture.

First off these guys were huge.  I can't imagine what they would do to your psyche if you were in the water nearby.  Secondly, they are not harmful to humans.  Prior to 1978 they were perceived as harmful to fishermen by eating fish and pulling down anchors.  However it was discovered that they are placid and pose no threat.  1978?  Geez, we were stupid a long time. 

Thanks for coming back after our little week off.  I'm in Northlandia trying to make sense of what I am doing.  Norah doesn't like it one bit.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Week Off

I'm taking a week off from blogging so you can catch your breath, catch up, or perchance find something else more stimulating to start your days.  I'll be back, once again, on Monday the 31st to enlighten. elucidate, ruminate and otherwise share stuff wherever I am Existing In BFE.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Flashback Friday - That Championship Season - Part 2

Returning, again, to the after-game celebration as the Seaton Wolves Church League team won the Championship.  We all went, or most of us, over to Ivan Ewing's place where we had beer and if there was any food I don't remember.

Our manager, my Dad, joined in on the fun for awhile, too.  

Once again, a duck puppet of some type was the hit of the party,  as Ivan's wife Sue is working on me.  With full strength Budweiser firmly in hand and overcome by joy rather than anger of having some damn bird on my shoulder, I was displaying patience and politeness.   Why I am wearing my University of Denver shirt rather than my uni is long lost in the miasmic mists of history.  

Mark "Wombie" and Jeff Carson, our battery.  Few could throw harder than these two.  The Wombie caught and Jeff pitched.  Mark wasn't always accurate but as hard as he threw it always made it to someone who could then try to put the finishing touches on any base stealer.

Herb working on his Bud.

And Mark Henry working on his.

Mark up close and personal.

Why Sue felt compelled to photograph these legs may best remain known only to her, but I include them for history's sake.  

Jeff Benson and Dean Feldman, once again, close enough to see pores, were it not blurry.  As a photographer Sue is a great cook.  

The trophy of this victory, or is it the next year, resides in a climate controlled basement in Mercer County.  I will be seeing it in person soon as I trek to Northlandia for a while.

Some competitors in team sports never have the opportunity to experience a championship.  We experienced it in 1977 and 1978.  "Winning isn't everything" was uttered by a loser.  Winning is fun.  It may not be everything but for a few precious moments for a few young men, it was enough.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Michael

Today is Michael's birthday.  Today he turns 13,  a teenager.  My happiest days B.N. (Before Norah) were when Michael came to stay with us for awhile back in in the early 00's.  Back then we were pretty inseparable and after I got him a battery ATV we covered G-Burg like a cold sweat.

This is a personal favorite since I remember what was going on.  We were surfing Ebay old car section and determining whether it was "cool" or a "wustbucket", and his mother decided it was time for him to go to bed.  He wasn't fond of the idea. 

Michael moved to Florida a few years ago, and has since moved to Canada.  I haven't seem him for a long time, and may never.  But there was a time we were inseparable and marked a particularly fun time in my life.  I asked him when he was down here if he remembered me and the things we did.  He didn't.  It was prior to memory making time.  He may not remember, but those days provided me with a lifetime of happiness.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Discovery

About 8 miles away and only 15 minutes is a bridge called Courtney Campbell and takes you from Clearwater to Tampa.  Right next to the roadway is a bike path, walking and jogging  bridge.   There are 2 man-made islets connected by a bridge.  This 10 mile causeway was once the longest of its kind in the US.  It was started in 1922 and completed in 1937.  

In this Google picture, you can clearly see the roadway and the bike path/walkway next to it. 

You can park in the gravel area or on the other side in the grass, then walk over and take a leisurely stroll across.  Of course that will take you to Tampa, so no need to walk too far.

I decided this might be a great place to take some pictures.  You can either take sunrise or sunset here since both horizons are in view.  

And that is exactly what I did.  These pictures are a sunrise I took just a couple weeks ago.  This place will be great, I think, for the  upcoming Perseid's meteor shower,  as light will be somewhat mitigated because of the water.  

We'll see.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

The third and final post-op appointment was last Tuesday and was encouraging.  Dr. Dunlevy looked in both nostrils and said each time, "excellent".  I'll take that as good news.  I am to continue the steroidal nasal flush but everything else is healed and no more antibiotics is necessary.  

I go back in a few weeks and at that time we will begin a series of allergy panels to try to pinpoint what is causing the sinus inflammation.  At that point when we isolate the case then we begin weekly shots.  Otherwise I will be back in surgery on an endless cycle of removing them.  


Walked last Tuesday and found this along the way.  Not only that but when Norah and I went swimming the next day a kid with goggles was finding pennies and quarters on the bottom of the pool.   That was overshadowed by the kid's motorized shark swimming into Norah's hair and we had to get scissors to cut the shark out.  All turned out Ok, however, except for the shark who apparently was DOA.


We all got together to celebrate Brendan's birthday on the 9th.


This is a picture of two bullets colliding during the Gallipoli War during World War I.  I will leave to your imagination the odds of such a thing.


Made it to the beach last Sunday with Norah. 

The water was like bathwater.  perfect.  Hope it's still as nice when I return.


There are a lot of sport bikes around here.  I hear them winding them up on Rt. 19 right next door.  I've loved them ever since I was stranded under an overpass while it was raining just outside Sheridan, Wyoming.  I was wanting to get on with my solo journey home in 2004 and feeling lonely, wet and wondering exactly what to do next - head back and stay another night or wait for the rain to end.  After I'd been there awhile I heard the whine of stretched out sport bikes over head and as I walked over to see them there they were and there they were gone in an instant.  Three rockets braving the rain - indeed, flaunting it.  It was just the inspiration I needed to hop back on my bike and head back out on the interstate.  The rain followed me home but I made it.  
Sport bikers live in a separate world than other bikers - they obey no speed limits, brave any weather condition and win the "devil-may-care" factor with their jump suits and mohawk helmet accouterments.    


Speaking of Norah.  This is the Princess when she was unable to reach me on FaceTime.  That will keep me warm on those hot Florida winter nights.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Vinoy Morning - Part 3

More pictures from an early morning walk at Vinoy to see the sun come up.   

This wraps up the series on that event.  Beautiful morning and I think the pictures came out well.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Flashback Friday - That Championship Season - Part 1

In the summer in Seaton we played Church League softball.  The Church League was in operation from 1958 to 1993.  We usually played in either Perryton, Seaton or Aledo because those places had well maintained diamonds.  Some of the area towns that at one time or other were involved included Aledo, Edgington, reynolds Buffalo Prairie, Millersburg, Keithsburg, Joy, Oquawka, Viola and New Windsor.   Some years when there were lots of teams we played in Reynolds and Keithsburg. 

I remember going up to the diamond in Seaton shortly after school ended and we'd gather up the usual teammates and practice.  It would be a hundred out there but we were young and having fun - temperatures don't affect you then.  

One year, we were Mercer County Champs.  We won it all.  It only happened once while I was around*, but it was a beautiful thing.  Our team changed a bit from year to year but for that Championship season, we had Ivan at first, the Wombie was catcher.  Jeff and Cole Carson were our pitchers,  Mark Henry was in center and I was in left.  Dave Meece was at third, Jeff Benson was at short and Dean Feldman was at 2nd.   

Not content with a notice in the Times-Record,  more enterprising citizens climbed the water tower and wrote #1 on the side.

Perhaps spray painting your initials on your vandalism isn't the prudent thing, but given that the vandals were, indeed, members of the team their enthusiasm could be forgiven.

Ivan, me, Dean, Wayne and Mark H.

After the championship game we retired to Ivan and Sue's house for a celebration.  You should know that I was not the picture-taker during the festivities.  They always seemed strangely taken - off-kilter, out of focus, just a bit "off".  Sue, was the camera person in charge.  Thankfully she has other gifts.  

Mark Henry and his number one. 

Jeff Benson kissing some kind of weird puppet that seemed to be part of the celebratory gala, why I don't know.

One of our pitchers, Jeff Carson. 

And our manager, Herb Blythe.  He started with us when we began our ball playing and stayed many years.  In fact, I don't remember having any other manager in all of our years playing.  Perhaps that is why I always started.  Hmmm.  Whoever said that winning wasn't everything must have been on a lot of losing teams.  I can tell you that winning is certainly fun.  

So the water tower in Seaton would proclaim us as #1 and a homemade sign made in the Blythe garage under the artistic tutelage of Mother Marj, would be nailed on a phone pole coming into town. 

The summer of 1977 was our Championship Season.  Party 2 in a few days

*The Seaton Church league team won again the next year but I had begun working at the Mary Davis Home so my participation was limited.