Monday, August 31, 2015

A Discovery - Part 2


More pictures from the Courtney Campbell Causeway we discovered by chance.  Great place for taking sunrise or sunset pictures and it's just a short jaunt from Bedlam.  

That's Tampa.  I never get any closer to the place than here. It may be a great city but I simply D-O N-O-T   D-O    T-A-M-P-A.   Period.

As I was on the bike/jogger/walker path that straddles the roadway, I looked down and noticed a couple of large rays swimming by.  If you can't see them look at the next picture.

First off these guys were huge.  I can't imagine what they would do to your psyche if you were in the water nearby.  Secondly, they are not harmful to humans.  Prior to 1978 they were perceived as harmful to fishermen by eating fish and pulling down anchors.  However it was discovered that they are placid and pose no threat.  1978?  Geez, we were stupid a long time. 

Thanks for coming back after our little week off.  I'm in Northlandia trying to make sense of what I am doing.  Norah doesn't like it one bit.

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