Thursday, August 13, 2015


Bayfront Hospital which is associated with Johns Hopkins has a separate building just for delivering babies.  It is called The Baby Place which is part of All Childrens' Hospital.  Confused, well, its easy to get that way.  Anyway, it is a place where you go to have your new baby delivered.  It is a generally fun place, well secured, with lots of happy family waiting for new arrivals.   It is the second time I have walked its halls.  Four years ago it was for Norah, and this time it was for wee Ayla Morgan.  

Ayla meets big sis for the first time.

First family group picture.

A happy and, from the looks of it, relieved new mother. 

A fine place with nice staff and pleasant environment.  Strange, tho, that you have to exit the place, walk down a block to other side of hospital to cafeteria.  Security reasons? 

Poor little Ayla couldn't hardly even muster a puff of noise, but Norah was expecting the worst.

A tentative but ultimately pleasing first hold.

Welcome to the world, kid.  But hang on, it's bumpy sometimes.

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