Friday, August 21, 2015

Flashback Friday - That Championship Season - Part 2

Returning, again, to the after-game celebration as the Seaton Wolves Church League team won the Championship.  We all went, or most of us, over to Ivan Ewing's place where we had beer and if there was any food I don't remember.

Our manager, my Dad, joined in on the fun for awhile, too.  

Once again, a duck puppet of some type was the hit of the party,  as Ivan's wife Sue is working on me.  With full strength Budweiser firmly in hand and overcome by joy rather than anger of having some damn bird on my shoulder, I was displaying patience and politeness.   Why I am wearing my University of Denver shirt rather than my uni is long lost in the miasmic mists of history.  

Mark "Wombie" and Jeff Carson, our battery.  Few could throw harder than these two.  The Wombie caught and Jeff pitched.  Mark wasn't always accurate but as hard as he threw it always made it to someone who could then try to put the finishing touches on any base stealer.

Herb working on his Bud.

And Mark Henry working on his.

Mark up close and personal.

Why Sue felt compelled to photograph these legs may best remain known only to her, but I include them for history's sake.  

Jeff Benson and Dean Feldman, once again, close enough to see pores, were it not blurry.  As a photographer Sue is a great cook.  

The trophy of this victory, or is it the next year, resides in a climate controlled basement in Mercer County.  I will be seeing it in person soon as I trek to Northlandia for a while.

Some competitors in team sports never have the opportunity to experience a championship.  We experienced it in 1977 and 1978.  "Winning isn't everything" was uttered by a loser.  Winning is fun.  It may not be everything but for a few precious moments for a few young men, it was enough.  

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