Friday, August 7, 2015

Flashback Friday

College was fun.  About the only problems I ever struggled with was (besides that first semester) when we were heading uptown for beer and who was pitching for the Mets on any given day.  Every Spring we had a day set aside for games to shake off winter.  You can see in these pictures the trees are budding.  I'm also thinking they were for Greeks.  That would include the many fraternities and sororities on campus at that time.  

This was the chariot races and my fraternity, the Phi Delts are on the right.  Since we were an academically minded social fraternity we constructed the best chariot.  And because we were of sound mind and body we easily won this race.   

This is the tug of war competition.  The Phi Taus appear to be losing this one.   

The sororities were also represented.  Not sure who these guys are but they are all wet. 

This appeared to be some kind of race, but I can't remember much about it now.  

Apparently I decided the best thing I could do during these competitions was to find a nice patch of new green grass to hold courts along with my buddy, Brian Peck.  For heaven's sake, young man, get a haircut.

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