Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

The third and final post-op appointment was last Tuesday and was encouraging.  Dr. Dunlevy looked in both nostrils and said each time, "excellent".  I'll take that as good news.  I am to continue the steroidal nasal flush but everything else is healed and no more antibiotics is necessary.  

I go back in a few weeks and at that time we will begin a series of allergy panels to try to pinpoint what is causing the sinus inflammation.  At that point when we isolate the case then we begin weekly shots.  Otherwise I will be back in surgery on an endless cycle of removing them.  


Walked last Tuesday and found this along the way.  Not only that but when Norah and I went swimming the next day a kid with goggles was finding pennies and quarters on the bottom of the pool.   That was overshadowed by the kid's motorized shark swimming into Norah's hair and we had to get scissors to cut the shark out.  All turned out Ok, however, except for the shark who apparently was DOA.


We all got together to celebrate Brendan's birthday on the 9th.


This is a picture of two bullets colliding during the Gallipoli War during World War I.  I will leave to your imagination the odds of such a thing.


Made it to the beach last Sunday with Norah. 

The water was like bathwater.  perfect.  Hope it's still as nice when I return.


There are a lot of sport bikes around here.  I hear them winding them up on Rt. 19 right next door.  I've loved them ever since I was stranded under an overpass while it was raining just outside Sheridan, Wyoming.  I was wanting to get on with my solo journey home in 2004 and feeling lonely, wet and wondering exactly what to do next - head back and stay another night or wait for the rain to end.  After I'd been there awhile I heard the whine of stretched out sport bikes over head and as I walked over to see them there they were and there they were gone in an instant.  Three rockets braving the rain - indeed, flaunting it.  It was just the inspiration I needed to hop back on my bike and head back out on the interstate.  The rain followed me home but I made it.  
Sport bikers live in a separate world than other bikers - they obey no speed limits, brave any weather condition and win the "devil-may-care" factor with their jump suits and mohawk helmet accouterments.    


Speaking of Norah.  This is the Princess when she was unable to reach me on FaceTime.  That will keep me warm on those hot Florida winter nights.

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