Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vinoy Morning - Part 1

I've been on a kind of mission lately to get as many good sunrise/sunset pictures as I can.  They call these moments during the day the 'golden hours'.  Once the sun gets gets up to a certain degree in the sky then most pictures tend to be bland.  But those minutes as the sun crosses the horizon, up or down, give pictures a certain glow that can't be duplicated at any other time of the day.   

Vinoy Park, one of my favorite places down here, seemed like a nice try on this perfectly semi-cloudy morning a couple weeks ago. With my new Tokina 14-16 mm lens that I am learning to use in hand, I trundled over to the park and took these pictures. 

The Golden Hour - that period of time when the sun comes up (or down) and infuses a tint  that is impossible to find any other time of the day.  As you can see from these pictures that I was lucky to be here at this time.  I have more of this series and will post them from time to time.  Makes ya wanna buy a camera and an alarm clock, don't it? 

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