Thursday, September 10, 2015

Annual Perseids - Night 1

Note to self:  Floriduh is no place to watch the Perseids.  I must work my travel around these astronomical events and be in Northlandia when they occur next year.  I gathered my equipment and trundled off to the Causeway to see if I could capture any of the Persieds meteor show this year. 

This series of shots are, for the most part, nothing more than showing my location.  The Perseids were a bust for me this year. 

To get a meteor you need to get away from the city.  The Causeway is surrounded by city lights so I'm sure it drowned out most of the activity.  There are no meteors in any of the above pictures except the last one.  Barely visible in the left side three-quarters of the way down from the top is one streaking across the sky.  See it?  Don't worry if you can't, it is hardly noticeable.  Could there be another one lurking in my memory card, why yes.  And you'll see it in a few days.  Note to self:  Don't be a dumb-ass next year - be in Northlandia for the Perseids. Specifically the floating boat dock in New Boston.  Or maybe Sutor Woods.  Anywhere north of the Floriduh-Georgia state line.

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