Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback Friday

During summers in high school and college I worked for my uncle on a farm south of Seaton.  It was a small one, only 320 some acres, but we also shelled corn and baled hay for neighboring farmers.  Today's flashback is a bibbed, hatted college kid in the summer after work.  We had a fantastic back porch and this is where most of the family congregated in the summer months.

With me is Magic, the family boxer who in the first picture looks at the picture taker, then deciding that all is well, or simply overcome by a desire to show affection starts licking the college kid.     

If you slide down Magic's back to her tail you will notice that the camera wasn't quick enough to capture her tail, it's a blur.   Usually it was going a mile a minute.  If she hadn't had it cropped like most dogs it could have done real damage.    

In a side note, last week's Flashback showed a party in the g-Burg Boxcar which featured a wall full of my early paintings.  One of them is a painting of the above picture with Magic licking my face.  

None of the paintings on the wall by my hand have survived time.  At least not to my knowledge.  If they are still around they are in someone dusty basement, better than they deserve.

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