Friday, September 4, 2015

Flashback Friday

Dipping back into the older stuff, here is a picture of my mother, Marjie, in a sailor outfit and providing a nice crisp salute.  Since I have no information I must assume this is taken in Ponemah where she lived with her parents.  Her Dad was a pipeline engineer for Sinclair Oil, and back when this picture was taken, c 1927, Sinclair had a pump station here.  The station is long gone as is the town, too.  All that is left are some pump house buildings and a house down the road.      

Their house would eventually be moved into Monmouth and I'm not sure if it is still there or not, since I don't have an address.  Marj would then matriculate into Monmouth College, where she met a kid from Seaton, and rest is history.  
When the station was abandoned by Sinclair, or it became obsolete, Marj's dad, Leonard, became an engineer down in Quincy.  This is where we boys would remember going every so often as kids. 

As for Marj, she was an only child and her parents would spare nothing to ensure her happiness.  Marj would proclaim that she was a spoiled kid and had everything she wanted.  Good for her. We return a snappy salute, young lady, and, whisper, "Well done."   

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