Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Girls

Today is travel day.  My month in Northlandia is over and I must return to Floriduh to reconnect with my girls.  My girls are, of course, Norah and Ayla.  The pictures on this post were not taken by me.  All but the last were taken by Nancy, and I think they are fantastic. The last one was taken by Kenzie.

By mid afternoon I will be with my girls. 

I leave Northlandia with some real sadness, however.  I enjoyed my stay immensely and did many fun things.  The bike rides, the car shows, the meeting of friends and the photographic opportunities make my purchase of Blythe Cottage look like genius.  With the upcoming allergy/sinus testing and six months of shots it becomes difficult to know when I shall return.     

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