Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I might have already mentioned this - I'm too lazy to check it - but Norah has requested cicada shells since we discovered one in Floriduh.  I have been checking along my walking route in Emerald City and even in the cemetery, which I discovered only has pine trees, and they hate those.  I checked at the Bushnell park at the car show and have amassed an army of them.  Unfortunately the first batch I sent to her were crushed in transit due to poor packing.  However, my most recent endeavor was genius, and I am thinking of patenting the process.  I have found them in the most remarkable places.  Some big, some small, but they tend to like fruit trees, particularly apple.  And, to further muddy the waters, are they locust or are they cicadas?       



The poor mantis in the picture above is deceased.  Probably a victim of a car or maybe even insecticide.  By the looks if it collided with a car it was a glancing blow because it does not appear particularly damaged.  It was huge, too, and reminded me of when the family had pet mantis' we'd find and put them in an aquarium.  We would then purchase crickets and keep it alive long past the time it would have froze in the wild.  Fun to watch but they are vicious sons-a-bitches when hungry.


I have been keeping busy.  Tanner's Orchard with the girls, roadtrips with the Wombie and Holly, rides on the bike, and as of this writing three trips to New Boston in the early morning hours hoping to catch a barge for picture taking.  So far, nothing.  No barges.  Saw the ass-end of one today - I was an hour late.  But I'll keep it up till I get one.  By the way, its creepy but thrilling to sit on that little pier hearing the owls on the far islands, the quiet swirls of current, and the fish sporadically jumping.  Are they being chased?  Feeding on the surface? Or in their death throes?   


I miss my Norah.  I think I'll head back to Floriduh in a couple weeks and see if she remembers me.    


There was a fire in one of the cells at Bedlam recently.  I heard the firetrucks and such but never connected it with us.  Scary sight and one to be avoided at all costs.  The only good to come out of it is the former cellmates most likely have a ticket out of the place. 


Selfie with the Princess.


Attended a pool party on Sunday in Burgess.  Fun to see old friends.


What is with all those people standing outside the morning shows?  Haven't they got better things to do?  Why on earth someone would stand out there and "Woooooo" when the camera is on them I don't know.  And why wooooo?  Are they woooooing for George Stephanopolous?  Any of the other no-name so called celebrity anchor/entertainers?


The further "Dumbing America":  I saw last week our national cumulative SAT scores have dropped once again.

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