Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I had the pleasure of being invited to a Johnson event at Buffalo Wild Wings in G-Burg.  The main event was Justin returning for a short Labor Day trip home from his work in Ohio.  Usually based in Chicago, Justin is working on a project and will be near Cincinnati for 6 months. From left to right:  Brittany, Shelley (the Professor), and Justin.  Pat Johnson is Shelley's mom, and Shelley is Justin and Brittany's mom.  Pat, strangely, does not allow photographs.  I don't know why because she is the most beautiful of them all - inside and out.   


As I write this on the 11th of September, the Met's are 9 1/2 games in first place in their division.  It would be a herculean task to blow it at this point, so I am cautiously optimistic.  October is going to be FUN!  Norah has been a Met's fan since some guys in the Met's bullpen sent a ball up to her when we attended a Ray's Mets game three years ago.


This is the new Chief Blackhawk statue carved out of wood at the New Boston boat ramp area. Yeah, some kid will probably do their own carving on it in the not too distant future.  


While riding with Neighbor Tim we stopped at the Lock and Dam 16 near Muscatine.  We were lucky to get a tour of the place by a nice and informative Park Ranger.  We always like to sprinkle a little culture and education with our rides.  


How do squirrels remember where they put all their nuts?

Whatever happened to the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day marathon?  Thirty years ago it was THE event of the long weekend. 

Why do roadside picnic signs have a slanted pine tree?


License plate sighting on I-75:

D Bears


My fantasy baseball team, the Fighting Flamingoes, finished an exciting season in 2nd place, after languishing in last place a few weeks earlier in the season.  It was a remarkable surge; a combination of good trades, good waiver wire pickups, constant attention and a great deal of luck.   

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