Monday, October 12, 2015

Early Morning Meditations - Part 2

Second in a series of trips to New Boston with the camera to catch barges, stars and bugs.

David Bowman says "My God, it's full of stars!"  After last week's nod to Kubrick's 2001 I thought I'd salute Hyam's 2010.  You want a fun winter double-feature?  Get the DVD's of both 2001 and 2010 with maybe a few beers or Bottom Bouncers.  It'll be a transcendent evening.  But I digress.  Standing on the boat dock waiting for a barge (I must remember to take a folding chair next time) gives you lots of time to look to the heavens and ponder, perchance to dream.  

In what must be one of the most eerie, fascinating, spooky scenes I have seen is this part of the river where a marker light has been installed for navigation.  Imagine the other-worldliness of that area,  a mysterious tributary bathed in an strange green light.  And then throw in the fish breaching and the hoot me goosebumps just thinking about it.   

A couple of guys are going out fishing in their pontoon boat which has been refitted for duck hunting,   

I was standing on the  boat dock a long time and would tend to lean on the rail at times, then maybe putting one foot on the lower rails.  Once I kind of felt webbing and then pulled out my flashlight.  What I saw were fellow stargazers hanging around probably more intent on finding their next meal than pondering the mysteries of the universe.  These spiders, flies, moths and whatever were lined all along the railing - and from what I could feel there were plenty of meals on the wing.

And then the sun starts to rise and the night disappears.  Along with the mystery and the wonder. 

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