Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Best Pizza

Some things are just too subjective to evaluate with any sense of logic.  Better to try to explain the color red to a blind person.   But age brings a certain fearlessness so I shall plunge headlong into one of societies' greatest debates: what constitutes the best pizza.

Once you get past the different styles of crust - thin crust, deep dish, New York style or stuffed - you have to tackle all the toppings.  This, almost endless, variety of possibilities makes pizza an ever changing item for Madison Avenue to bust forth with new creations, but don't be fooled.   My mother was famous for parking herself in the middle of a room during moves and declaring, "There are a thousand ways to decorate a room, but only one right way - and I know it."

So, like that intrepid declaration, I will tell you the best pizzas and why.  This blog never shies away from controversy and I suspect this endeavor will invoke much discussion.  Like the religions of the world, there are many paths to heaven, but there is only one right and true path to perfect pizza, and I know it. 

Crust -

We start with crust because that is the foundation upon which every pizza is created.  Like a house the foundation is the most important engineering aspect.  Screw up the crust and the whole pie will be compromised.  Build the perfect foundation and everything else may fall into place.  

The best crust for a pizza is thin.  I repeat - thin.  New York crust is more casserole than pizza and if you want thick bread with a thin coating of tomato sauce and cheese, then have had it.  If you want a sub then go to Subway, if you want a delicious pizza go thin crust.  It really has everything to do with balance.  With apologies to Matthew McConaughey and those weird-ass Lincoln commercials, pizza is a balance between the toppings, crust.  Overdo one or the other and you throw a pizza out of whack.  When all is said and done the crust is nothing more than a conveyance for toppings, but with the right crust you enhance it two-fold. 

Toppings - 

I'm not going to quibble too much here.  If you want meat lovers and every type of topping imaginable, then I guess you have a right.  However, I feel too many confuses the taste buds and they will shut down - much like a computer with too much data to process.  Stay away from supreme or meat lover .  Keeping it simple is the best way to go.  One meat topping will do most of the time, whatever you like.  If you like pepperoni, then go for it, and not 4, 5, or six for types of other meat. Lord!  

Best Northlandia Pizzas -



There is a tie for second place.  Davis Bros. in the Peoria area has an absolutely yummy pie that is almost perfect.  Heavenly taste and must make it back when up in Northlandia.  


Galesburg has great pizza that conforms to the necessary rules: thin crust and great combination of toppings.  Pizza House puts out another almost perfect tasting pie that comes close to being at the top of this list. 


Thin crust and perfect combination of tomato base, cheese and a dollop of sausage on each square.  Remember, they may have other toppings listed on the menu but sausage is the only way to go.  It is the only kind I have ever had and have never considered any other kind.

This pizza is a drive away from wherever you are but worth it.  Better yet, if you go order 5 or 10 to take home with you and put in the freezer.  They have a way to make it and is ready for heating whenever you want.  They will also ship it on dry ice by Fed Ex if you have deep pockets. 

Best Deli Pizza -

Try the bacon supreme pizza from Wal-Mart next time you have a craving and can't make it to G-Burg, Peoria or Mt. Pleasant.  Heavy bacon flavor, thin crust and nice base topping combination.

Best Franchise Pizza -

I'm no apologist for franchise anything, but Pizza Hut still puts out a decent pizza as long as you order the thin crust. 

Best Frozen Pizza -  

Stay away from the frozen stuff in the grocery store.  None are satisfying or worth your money.  If you must, however, Butch's is probably your best bet.  

Different opinions welcome.  Let me know what you think.

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