Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Spotted this Spyder in Le Claire, Iowa.  Nice looking machine.  Weird looking to an old purist like myself, but certainly fun looking.   Neighbor Tim has asked me a couple of times if, when the time comes that I have trouble keeping my bike upright, I would be willing to go to a three wheeler cycle, and I have scoffed at the idea.   But, man oh man, that is a looker.  


Grammatical Pet Peeve of the Week:  People who do not finish their sentences.  "Would you like everything on that burger, er....?"  


That's Patty behind the bar at the "Off The Hook" in Keithsburg. And the "Off The Hook" is the latest incarnation of Blackies Highway Tap.  Patty worked bars a lot in Aledo so she was well known to the Wombie and Holly when we stopped by for a Bloody Mary and beer.  She makes a mean BM, much better than the one up the road a ways at the Eagle's Nest.  And cheaper.     


The Great Bike Adventure of 2015 which was scheduled for September was cancelled.  It has been re-scheduled for 2016.  


Scrawled in the cement sidewalk in front of the Off The Hook bar in Keithsburg.  Too many more BM's and I'd been looking for her.  


This is the old homestead in G-Burg.  Everytime I am in the city I swing by to have a look. I noticed this trip that the owners are going to have to get out the ladder and do what I did 4 times while living here:  paint.  It is no easy job and I always had to use vacation time to do it, but this old girl needs continual upkeep to look her best.  Notice the weathering in the mid section clapboard.  The white trim is fading and there is simply no way to avoid it.  It can't be sided because it is in the historical district (not that you would want to do that anyway), and at this point if the paint looks like that it needs a lot of caulking and trim boards might need replacement.   I always got the best paint available (Sherwin-Williams, of course) and always used Blythe Gray, a custom color.   Sure glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.  The worst part wasn't the climbing, which would be tough on my knees now, but moving that damn ladder.


The Mets will begin their first playoff game in 9 years on Friday. I have my Bloody Marys, or Rum Chata, or Champaigne all ready to go.  


 I just about signed off on this edition of Tuesday Tidbits and discovered I had omitted Norah.  So here she is:

Okay now I can sign off.  Happy Tuesday everyone.

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