Thursday, November 19, 2015

Boyd Hill - Part 1

When the temperatures start moderating down here it is usually time to hit the nature trails. My personal favorites are Boyd Hill and Sawgrass. If you have followed this blog you have been there with me many times. Our visit today was a little different. Didn't see any gators this time, a rairity, but I did seem to see loads of dragonflies. And so oddly, those are the only featured critters today. I have a "Part 2" but today is all about those creatures that date back to the time of the dinosaurs.

I was fairly pleased with these shots - dragonflies aren't always the easist thing to photograph, but immensely easier than those damn fluttering butterflies. I no longer even try for those.

Dragonsflies are a pretty cool bug, as bugs go. Oh, and that last picture? Thats not a dragonfly. That is a damselfly. Same family, different body structure.  Now you know.

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