Monday, November 23, 2015

Early Morning Meditations - Part 7

Next to last in a series of photographs taken waiting for barges in New Boston during the warm summer months.  I will try for some more pictures in the cold weather now covering the North.  Let's see if there is any Midwest Tough left in me.

The yellowish color is light pollution. I'm not sure which town or city it is, but if I scanned the camera further to the left (South) the light from Burlington would be visible.

The grain elevator is right next to the dock and that red glow is from a single red bulb. Since this is a timed picture it looks far more vibrant than it really is.  What is more fascinating to me is the number of stars out there than we can see by the naked eye.  The times aspect is able to catch many more stars.

That is a picture from the south end of he floating dock looking northward.  That is me standing on the dock.  

This is a pretty good idea of how dark it is out there at 3:00 am.  
With the sounds of wildlife across the water, which is amplified, along with the solitude, it can get a little creepy.  But it gives one time to think, to reflect.   

The first glimmer of a new day.  The stars begin to recede, light removes the mystery.

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