Friday, November 20, 2015

Flashback Friday

Looks like one of those casual, nonchalant but nevertheless posed photographs with no info whatsoever. I have said there are many secrets to be uncovered by any photograph. I thought that until I found this. It seems to have no mystery or secrets at all. Just a college kid in the living room of his home in Seaton. The only interesting aspect is the painting on the mantel. My memory weakens and I'm not sure where this came from. I want to think it had something to do with my then sometimes GF Pam Patterson. I'm thinking she may have given it to me but why, I simply don't remember. That is one of Marj's cool glassware items behind me on the mantel. It is summer.

I am wearing a watch which I started wearing at some point and have since given up with the advent of cell phones. The picture is a Polaroid. Who was the picture taker?

The expression is as close to Mona Lisa as I can get. It betrays nothing. It speaks silently. All it is is a second of time a long time ago, without embellishment, flourishes or any other aspect to denote what was going on with me. Not too much behind me - an awful lot left to go. I look at it with the vantage point of a lot behind me - not too much more to go. It is a bridge I can't travel except from afar.

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